'Highway Cattle' Documentary Trailer

Woods Street Art Space

A Stopmotion project I worked on for Hobsons bay council. Very Happy with the results. it contains a stopmotion edited in After Effects with a bunch of slomo and cool shots. Thanks to Always amazing Tiffaney Bishop Collective for her commitment in 

Assistant camera - Callum Henderson.

Australian Conservation Foundation - Post Federal Election Wrap-Up

With a very small deadline and limited budget, I produced and directed this short video for the Post Federal Election Wrap-Up for the Australian Conservation Foundation. 

Nick Simpson did the Motion Graphics and animation and Marshal Warren was on the Camera.

MICHAEL WAUGH and Kate Crowley perform 'Paul ' a chilling song about bullying at Port Fairy 2014

This performance of ' Paul ' at the 'Words and Music' concert, 2014 Port Fairy Folk Festival was enjoyed by an audience of more than 2000 people spilling out of the arena at Stage 4 and a listening audience on ABC. Accompanied by Kate Crowley on backing vocals, Michael Waugh's song about bullying in schools and the tragic outcome for one fat little kid, is an anthem for all of us who've survived: 'you don't know what we might be.' Josh Collings' beautiful videography captures the highly emotional response of the audience.
For more information about Michael Waugh and to contact Michaelhttp://www.michaelwaugh.com.au
Kate Crowley - www.katecrowley.com.au
Pegleg productions - www.peglegproductions.com

Also playing on stage are: Shane Nicholson, Ben Salter, Melody Pool, Liz Frencham. Jack Carty, Blair Dunlop

Reject shop - Stop Motion of store being built

October Winds - Kate Crowley

Kate Crowley Sings her new unreleased song - October Winds at Montsalvat Art Community. We had just under an hour to find a location, setup and record this etheral and beautiful song. This is the first and only take. 

Junk Horses - I phone, No Answer

IPhone, No Answer chronicles the tale of a tortuously besotted hearse driver who covets the most unobtainable, hypnotic and filthy rich woman in town. He realises the only way she will ever ride in a car with him is in a coffin in his boot. Broadly speaking, it's just about obsessive love. We all know that one.

Facebook - facebook.com/JunkHorses

Pegleg Productions Youtube page - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_-wx8ipiVchewsZmWiI-awofyaAdo59i


Waywardbreed - Love the Living

This video was shot at Workers Club Melbourne on a cold wintery Thursday night. I had not heard Justin play before, I was there to film the two other performances Junk Horses and Ben Salter, but after his first song I knew the moment needed to be captured. I quickly set up my gear and managed to film this extremely emotive , beautiful and heart-wrenching performance in all its moments. 

Check out more of his stuff at - waywardbreed.com 
Or listen and do a digital purchase at - waywardbreed.bandcamp.com

Or more of my stuff at peglegproductions.com

I used a nex 7 and a 70-200mm canon lens. Thanks to marcus for setting up the lights and Junk horses for introducing me to this incredible new favourite.

The April Maze - Tumble Weed

I had the pleasure of filming The April Maze playing live and completely unplugged in the Opera House at Gulgong Festival 2013. You can't quite hear it until the end but one audience member knew every word and was singing along at the top of his voice... The whole gig had a magical feeling... 
check em out for yourself at theaprilmaze.com
See more of my stuff at peglegproductions.com

Camera 1 - Joshua Collings
Camera 2 - Ryan Tews

Edit - Joshua Collings


Junk Horses - Shooting Star

Stomp rock outfit Junk Horses have just released their debut eponymous EP in 2013, with a follow-up set to land in September this year. They play bars and pubs in Melbourne, wielding a passionate riot of supercharged electric guitar, swirling drumbeats and soaring, spitting vocals.

I filmed Junk Horses at the Fitzroy Workers Club in July 2013. I used a Nex 7 with 70 - 200mm lens, a gorpo hd 3 and a canon 60D.

Check out there other great music @ junkhorses.bandcamp.compeglegproductions.com

Kate Alexander - guitar & vox
Giles Warren - guitar & vox
Steph Bell - bass
Dave Richardson - vox
Nathan Power - drums

Joshua Collings Camera 1 and Edit peglegproductions.com
Pat Crock - Camera 2 middleclassandco.com


A perfect afternoon at Gulgong Folk Festival. Tod Picks up my banjo and plays I Miss Mum. We capture this great little moment and Bronson runs in half way and makes a guest appearance.

MUSIC - Tod Mayew (The April Maze)  

CAMERA AND EDIT - Joshua Collings




End Of The Line Festival

End of the line festival is a Non for profit festival I was one of the organisers of  last year and will be again for the one occuring on the 30 of November 2013.

The attached video is a film produced edited by  Middleclass & CO .  It was a massive success with over 5000 attending and some fantastic art, music, poets, markets, street art, and a really fantastic community spirit about it.

 I am really exciting that I get to work with the amazing CJ and Brent who have an incredible little shop in Belgrave, Limerence.  Also Lachlan and Snowy, some great new friends doing cool things up here in the hills.

Special thanks to the Twoks for letting us use their track for video.check them out here.... The Twoks

If your interested in getting involved go to the festival website and check it out www.endofthelinefestival.com


Harmony Bryne - Belgrave Lantern Parade - Original song mantra

I was walking by Tiffany Bishop Collective on the night of the inaugural Belgrave Lantern Parade and heard in the distance, a beautiful voice. I later found out it was Harmony Byrne. Here is her song Mantra, and a some footage of a really beautiful festival.

THE APRIL MAZE LIVE - FRL 2012 - I Love This Life

The April Maze perform I Love This Life at FRL 2012. It's a very strong performance, with a special appearance from Lisa Baird on the trombone  (Lilly and King). The April Maze were celebrating a well deserved level of air play and were in the Spotify's worldwide top 100. 

Band - The April Maze, featuring Lisa Baird 

Camera - Joshua Collings, Ryan Tews

Edit - Joshua Collings, Ryan Tews

Anyhow I Love You

I filmed this live performance of Rob Moss, Kate Crowley and Michael Waugh in the 100 year old cellar at Tahbilk Winery, near Melbourne, Victoria. The haunting acoustics allow the harmonies to ring out in this very special Guy Clark song. If you have never been to Tahbilk, it is definitely worth the visit. 

  • Vox - Rob Moss, Kate Crowley, Michael Waugh
  • Guitar - MIchael Waugh, Rob Moss
  • Camera - Joshua Collings
  • Editing- Joshua Collings

Kate Crowley - Wicked Game (Chris Isacc)

Shivering Timbers - My Son John

The Shivering TImbers live at Common Ground Festival 2012.

One of the best festivals around and it aims to raise awareness about social change. 

The Shivering Timbers performed this stella set and the 300 punters  just went wild.

Camera - Joshua Collings, Ryan Tews.

Editing - Joshua Colings. 

Peg Leg Prouductions. 


Rollo Ellis - Live Recording of 'Ghost' at Sooki Belgrave

This is the finished video clip recorded at Sooki Lounge at the Album Release Party.

All Camera work, editing and more was done by Joshua Collings of Pegleg Productions – The boy is an artist !  THANK YOU JOSH

Rollo Ellis – acoustic guitar and vocals

Luke Tylim – Electric guitar

Sebastian Gerber – Bass guitar

Lore Burns – Cello

Steve Davies – Didgeridoo

Jeff  Spingfield – Sound and final audio mix

Thank You All !